Managed Services

Zermatt is able to offer a wide selection of choices for unmanaged and managed services, be it your entire network infrastructure or just a critical piece of your existing network solution. Let us take care of the day-to-day details while your staff concentrate on really strategic IT projects.

Zermatt Managed Network Services includes hardware maintenance and software support that our engineers will perform, with virtual on-line support to all the network equipments on the client's network. We believe that with these managed services, our client will benefit with a greater savings on their network.

  • Manage costs. Effective network planning and accurately predicting network costs and pinpointing problem areas to prevent unnecessary upgrades. This will reduce network outages and improve response and repair times for outages.
  • Increase efficiency. This is achieved using our network management tools, to monitor your network performance on a 24x7 basis and receiving proactive support for network system detected problem and its resolution
  • Take control. This is accomplished using convenient outsourced routers and firewalls support (including online software and firmware upgrades), to manage performance and improve network security through our network management services and comprehensive network reporting tools.