x Security



Zermatt ensures that the end-to-end network security solution is built upon market leading technologies, working together with our well-certified engineers & consultants that are very experienced in deploying solutions.

Zermatt delivers end-to-end network security solutions built upon market-leading technologies with our highest quality technical services.

In term of security solution is all about providing a complete service and not just mainly on product offering. It's about helping clients to understand the challenges and opportunities and putting together a security policy that's appropriate and then deploying solutions to enforce this policy.

Security Support

Security support is fundamental to ensure ongoing network security needs are met in today's corporate networks. Zermatt will provide clients with multiple choices of support agreements for both managed and unmanaged services.

This provides a full comprehensive configuration backup and 24x7 online support structures for policy change request and support agreement.

This includes:

  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • Problem investigation & resolution
  • Security advice
  • Software revision updates
  • Hardware Support

Security Architecture

Zermatt takes a pragmatic approach when helping companies implement their security architecture.

As the process of securing a network is ongoing, we have developed an iterative approach which ensures that our customers develop, operate and maintain effective security policies.

We will then assist with the security policy development, its technical and operational implementation and the refinement of systems and policies via a continuous process of testing, monitoring and reviewing.


Zermatt takes a pragmatic approach when coming to design and planning. Prior to the implementation of a network security solution for our clients, we will take several fundamental principles consideration. They are mainly:

  • Integrity ensuring that the security measures must be preservative. There must not have any data corruption, or data loss. Data must be constantly and consistently being protected, where protection includes confidentiality and sensitivity of data.
  • Availability ensures that the security measures must be available at all times, and that the systems and data they are protecting must be available at all times.
  • Adequate protection ensures that what you are protecting must be protected to a degree commensurate with their value. Computer items must be protected only until they lose their value and they must be protected to a degree that is consistent with their value.
  • Effectiveness ensures that any controls that are implemented must be effective in securing the network and its component parts. However, they must also be efficient, easy to use and appropriate to the size and type of organization in which they operate.
  • Depth protection give an in-depth protection that must withstand an intruder 's attempt to use any available means of penetration. This does not necessarily entail the most obvious means, nor is it necessarily the one against which the most solid defense has been installed.
  • Due Diligence means that ensuring network security is an ongoing, evolving process. The network must be perpetually monitored and managed to ensure security.